Sports Update (2/11/21)

Please join
Saranac Lake Athletics at
Access code AM3T-V9QU

Sport-specific codes:
Varsity Football - 8UTJSJMH
JV Football - KECQEMMD
Modified Football - 8Q8DYFHB

Varsity Volleyball - J5NVG2M9
JV Volleyball - 3D3LSZR7
Modified Volleyball - EKFS92E9

2019-2020 Sports Awards
The Saranac Lake Athletics Department brings you the Spring 2020 Sports Awards Ceremony! 

Let's be the model of class and character on the field, in the stands, wherever we go, whatever we do! #classandcharacter




Saranac Lake Logo.

             Please check game schedules regularly as they are subject to change.

Athletic Director: Eric Bennett